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Visit us soon for many different types of 3D Renders and also we will be adding 3DS Max tutorials and more! Discuss your favorite techniques and learn many new techniques from the community.

Render till you drop! I have been in the 3D game for only a couple of months, but I am seriously hooked.Have a peek at our 3d renders page and check out some of the work that has been created. There is a mixture of Vray renders and Mental Ray.
There have been times where I wanted to perfect my scene before I go to sleep, but as I tweaked the settings and environment, I grew more attached and did not care that I had to wake up in 3 hours for work.
This dedication has let me learn some 3D techniques that I would like to pass on to others. Darks Designs does 3d renders Orlando.

"Learning 3DS Max and other 3D programs can be very frustrating and confusing in the beginning."

3d art Orlando. There were times when I just couldn't understand why something was not working the right way or the way I had intended, and after hours of tweaking, I realized all I had to do was uncheck a box.

When working with 3D, there are always steps that must be followed to achieve even basic results. Darks Designs can assist you.

A good tip for someone who works on their scenes on different computers at different times is to make a new folder in the Local Disk root folder. This way when you save and transfer your files to another computer, you will have all your materials and maps ready to go. If you save your work in a folder on your desktop or elsewhere, then you will have to browse to your maps folder every time you change computers.

The Vray Plugin is used for more photorealistic renders and does not come free with 3DS Max. Mental Ray does come packed with Max and is fun to work with. There are many different Autodesk materials available such as glass and stone and many others. However, with Vray, there is a website dedicated to Vray materials made by the community and they are very good for getting that final touch you need for your 3D environments. I have placed all links on the Forums for your reference. Darks designs offers 3d designs Orlando. It can be very complicated when attempting to bring your imaginations to life, but the feeling you get when you can visualize and recreate them is very fulfilling.

New 3d Animation by DarKs Designs. Created with 3ds Max with MassFx simulation and Particle Bomb explosion. Please Rate!

The rendering time was around 4 days and it took about 3 days to set up the scene. There are 850 Frames at 24 frames per second at 1080p.

The sounds were implemented in Adobe Premiere CS6. We LOVE producing animations like this one and we are proud of the quality of the short film.

Processing your scene, or rendering, can take days if you are rendering animated scenes.

I made a 1920x1080 HD 3D movie that totaled 320 frames in 3D and it took 3 days spread between 2 computers to finish rendering. It was a scene involving a camera revolving around a particle fire in a cave. Rendering is usually the final step after you set up your scene. Depending on the content you are rendering, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to many hours of processing. This can be countered with a setup called a render farm which involves many servers or computers all rendering together. We offer 3d rendering Orlando. Been playin The Witcher 3 @ 4k Resolution & 60fps.

3d art orlando
"I hope to have my own render farm one day."

I want to indulge in the 3D animation department, but I do love making high quality 3d images. There is usually more than one way to get the desired effect when working with 3d programs.

For example, I made a leaf by first creating a cone object and modifying it with extrude, bevel, rotate, and scale. If I wanted to, I could have created it from a box shape and played with the vertices to make a leaf shape. Either way, the end result is what was needed at the time, but it turns out, the cone method was faster and more accurate. I want to explore and share all of my 3d rendering discoveries and techniques.

Here at Dark's Designs, we dream about 3D and that makes the work we accomplish more rewarding. I love the feeling when I think of a scenario one night and see the scene come to life the next night after hours of 3d editing, rendering and designing. 3d rendering Orlando, Orlando 3d art. We offer 3d services in Orlando.